I had a really nice day last Saturday and I also got a new insight.

First, I met up with two good friends at a coffee shop, we talked for a couple of hours.

This two women are very special and important to me. I’ve known them for quite some years now and we are all three into personal, emotional and spiritual evolution and development. We exchange ideas and experiences and we feel relaxed in each other’s company. The three of us live very different lives from one another, yet we have so many things in common.

After having deep, meaningful conversation with these two beautiful friends it was time for me to go. I had a birthday celebration to attend to. One of my coworkers turned 40 the other day and was throwing a Rastafari (Caribbean if you prefer) inspired party!!

The party was great!

The food was a Caribbean inspired buffet. Salmon with coconut, spicy chicken skewers, melon salad, mango salsa, fruit skewers, rice with corn and edamam, halloumi and a delicious lime salsa.

Afterwards we had coffee, brownies and coconut ice cream with ripples of passionfruit.

It was very exquisite, all of it.

But what I actually looked forward to the most, was the dance. Because, surely there’ll be dancing. There’s always dancing’s at parties, right?

We had some fun and games while having coffee and dessert. I “won” the game I participated in and it was all fun.

What I want to get down to with this post is the dancing.

I love to dance and you who have read my earlier posts know a little about me and music. Music and dancing go hand in hand, to me. I can rarely sit still when I hear a good song or tune.

And it turns out that dancing does something to me.

I posted a lot of selfies during the evening and I got a comment from a very dear friend of mine in Canada. She wrote:

“WOW you get younger looking every time I see you….must be the dancing”

And then it hit me! (No, it wasn’t painful, haha)

I think she’s on to something. I think she’s spot on! I think she’s right!

I looked at the pic she commented on and I could actually see the joy manifested in my face. I looked somehow a little bit different. It was not the light, nor the fact that I was all sweaty. It was something in the essence of me that was lighter, brighter. I don’t have the exact words to describe it, but I could see the difference.

So there and then I decided never to give up dancing. To dance whenever and wherever I am. Because for me, is life giving. I become more alive when I dance. And I feel happy when I dance. When I dance I am in touch with Source, I vibrate higher, I am free, I am ONE with everything.

I’m not going to start taking dance lessons or anything of the sort, but instead I’m going to take every single chance I get, to dance. Because I love my life and I want to celebrate being and feeling alive. And my way to do that, you see, is by dancing.