What a year!!!!!!!!!

Just realized, it’s been a whole year since I last posted here! smiley
And WHAT a year it’s been!!!

I am soon a divorced woman…..but in a relationship with my soon-to-be ex-husband. smiley
Yeah! I had lots of epiphanies during this summer and beginning of fall………..

One was, that I still love Ulf but I can’t live with him……..yet……maybe in the future….maybe never…..but for now we’ll be living in separate homes. The girls have come to appreciate the divided time and are quite “down” to it now…..*phew*

I have worked all summer, still working part time, at the front desk of Hotel Gute here in Visby. I love my work!!! The best place to work!
The guests are new adventures for every new “meet” smiley Such variety of people!
My colleagues are beautiful, wonderful women in various ages and from different parts of the world and different paths of life. But all very lovely and gorgeous gals! smiley
I appreciate our differences and our likenesses, I learn a lot from them and I hope they feel I’m helpful towards them. It’s been an amazing journey……from the loss of my Dad ’till where I stand today.

It’s been an interesting, learning experience, this summer!

I have reinvented myself and retrieved my former self……I look back and I see all the steps I’ve taken, by my own and with help from others……and I’m fascinated with how far I’ve come…….I have found my core and my strength……I’M BACK!!!

I say thanks to Hansa Utbildning, for believing in me when I didn’t
I’m grateful for finding my soulsister Jessica there
I love to have found friends and beautiful souls like André, Dennis & Elin there
I appreciate the good work of Maud, Peter2meter, Pär, Peter F and all of the other tutors/mentors, that I have relied on there
I am glad to have learned to know Inga-Maj, one of the most unselfish and caring souls there

I have found the way I want to live my life! With joy! Through joy! Feeling joy! Inspiring joy! Inspired by joy! And allowing! Allowing myself to be where I am right now! Allowing myself to feel the way I do! Allowing myself to be who I am!
The feeling of joy combined with allowing is one of the most powerful feelings in my life right now. The well-being that follows is amazing!

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! <3

So here’s to another amazing commencing year, filled with JOY, HAPPINESS, FRIENDSHIP, LOVE, ALLOWING AND WELL-BEING!!!